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No Minimum Credit Score Required We make it easy to apply for a small personal installment loan in Sumter, SC. Poor Credit? No Problem. We consider the whole picture. Get a lending decision in hours.

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Community Credit Personal Installment Loans Can Help You With...

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How to Apply for a Personal Loan

Quick & Easy Process | Get a Decision in Hours!

1. Fill out Loan Pre-Application Information Form

Our loan pre-application information form is located right here on our website. It should only take you a moment to fill out. Don’t worry–this loan pre-application form will NOT impact your credit score.

2. Connect with a customer service rep

Once we receive your pre-application information form, you’ll hear from one of your friendly customer service representatives.

3. Submit formal loan application

We’ll ask you for some information about your income, residence, and existing loan obligations. We’ll use this information to make a decision about your loan.

4. Verify information as necessary

We may ask you to verify information on your loan application by providing supporting materials. The whole process, including verification, usually only takes a few hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Sumter is your branch located?

Our Sumter location is conveniently located on Broad Street, north of downtown Sumter.

What do I need to provide to get a loan?

Every customer must have a verifiable source of income, verifiable residence, direct deposit, a South Carolina Driver’s License or Government ID, and a social security card.

How do I qualify for a loan?

Every situation is unique. We consider your source of income, the stability of your income, other loan obligations you may have, and your history in repaying previous loans. We consider any life circumstances that may have impacted your previous credit problems or lack of credit history.

At Community Credit, we make every attempt to, “say yes, safely.” This means that we don’t make decisions based solely on your credit score. We look at the whole picture, while also making sure that borrowing from us won’t hurt your financial future.

Do you report to the credit bureau?

Yes. We look at your credit report while processing your loan application, but it’s not the only factor in our lending decision. We also report your loan payments to the credit bureau, so timely payments help you build or rebuild your credit.

What if I have "bad credit"?

Every situation is unique. We realize that life happens. Nearly every one of our customers has an impaired credit history. We look at the entire picture — your ability and willingness to repay the loan and the circumstances surrounding previous credit problems. We are here to give good people second chances.

How much can I borrow?

In general, our loan amounts range from $300 to $3,000. The amount you can borrow depends on your income, existing loan level, credit history, and use of proceeds. In many cases, we will lend a certain amount and once the customer has shown an ability and willingness to repay the initial amount, we will increase the line of credit, helping to build a credit report and credit score.

How do I repay my loan?

Community Credit offers a unique repayment plan that is structured around your pay schedule. Payments are automatically drafted from your debit card on the payday immediately before the loan’s monthly due date. This structured repayment plan avoids late payments, credit delinquencies, and unnecessary late fees.

How does Community Credit help me build/rebuild my credit score?

All Community Credit loans are installment loans payable monthly. Each repayment schedule is fixed, so you’ll know up front the number of payments necessary to repay your loan in full.

Our unique repayment plan helps you avoid late payments and unnecessary late fees. Making on-time payments can increase your credit score. On-time payments also enable you to increase your line of credit which can also help raise your credit score.

Do you make Starter Loans?

Yes. Community Credit has a starter loan program for individuals without a credit history. Typically, these loans are for smaller amounts and may require a co-signer. Starter loans allow for the customer’s credit line to grow over time with on-time payments.

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