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Offering Small Personal Loans Since 2008

In 2008 we saw an unmet need. We saw people, just like you, with hectic schedules, family obligations, and overwhelmed by life’s many hurdles, who didn’t qualify for small personal loans because of poor credit.

In the event that someone did qualify for a loan, it wasn’t always in their best interest: think rigid payment terms and timely payments that were not reported to the credit bureau. The result was often that people would struggle even more and their credit scores would continue to drop.

So we founded Community Credit. We’re a local finance company that offers small personal installment loans to help you deal with life’s unexpected expenses, all while helping you rebuild your credit.

How We Help

A Unique Approach to Making Loans

We take a very different approach than many other lenders. We make lending decisions based on your ability and willingness to repay a loan, not your credit score. This means we look at your source of income, stability of residence, existing debt obligations, and personal circumstances that may have affected your credit history. We consider the whole picture.

There are a number of specific things we do to help improve the chances that your credit score will go up over time when you borrow from Community Credit.

  • Flexible monthly payment dates based on your income schedule

    Make your monthly payment when you get paid each month. Flexible/variable payment dates can eliminate late fees, because they’re based on your unique schedule.

  • Automatic monthly payments

    No more having to make payments in person or to remember to log in and make a payment!

  • Credit bureau reporting to improve credit score

    We report all payments to the credit bureau, so your timely payments can help you both rebuild your credit and improve your credit limit.

Regulated by the SC Board of Financial Institutions

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We are proud to offer 8 convenient branch locations in South Carolina’s Upstate and Midlands. Search for a branch near you to visit us.

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